Digital signing with Stiply

In this article, we explain everything about digital signing in Stiply and the authentication method used.


  • How do I sign?
  • How does SMS verification work?

How do you sign digitally with Stiply?

You are about to sign a document with a digital signature, using Stiply. You will need to go through a few steps to complete this successfully. On this page, we guide you through the process.

A signing request always begins with receiving an email containing a signing link or within the application where you use Stiply. It looks like this (the message may be styled according to the organization requesting your digital signature): 

After clicking "View and Sign Document," you will be redirected to the Stiply signing application.


If you see a verification screen, scroll down to the verification section. Otherwise, you can continue reading.


You are now in the signing screen. Here, you can sign the document with Stiply.

There are 3 buttons at the top right:


Select next field: By using this button, you navigate through the document chronologically, filling in/signing all fields required.


Download: With this button, you can download a copy of the source document for your own records.


Forward: Have you received the signing request but someone else is authorized to sign digitally? Then you can use this button to forward the signing request to another email address.

When you click the forward button, you can enter another email address, optionally a different phone number (if SMS verification is required), a message for the new signer, and whether the new signer still wants to receive the digitally signed documents.

Now let's move on to the signing fields. We will explain each one below:

Date field: Here you can manually enter a date. It should be in the format: 01-01-2022. Clicking on the field opens a calendar. In this calendar, you can select the correct date instead of entering it manually.

Text field: Here you can type freely.

Signature field: Here you can place your digital signature by clicking on the field.

In this screen, you can create a signature. In Stiply, we offer 3 options (the provider of the signing request may have limited this to 1 or 2 options):


Scribble: You can draw a signature with your mouse or finger (if you have a touchscreen).


Type: You can type your name as a signature.


Upload: You can upload an image as a signature. We recommend using a .png file for this.

Initial field: Here you can place your initial. You have the same options as with a signature field.

Checkbox: You can check or uncheck this.

Radio button: These are option buttons linked together. This means you can choose one of the options. Clicking on one makes a selection.

Everything filled in? Then you will see a field at the bottom of the screen to enter your name and agree. If there are terms and conditions or other attachments applicable, you will also need to agree to them at this point.

After clicking "Agree," you will either see a success screen or be redirected to the application where you digitally signed. As a final step, you will receive a copy of the signed document once all signers have signed. This may take a few minutes sometimes.

Didn't receive anything? Then contact the sender of the signing request.

How does SMS verification work?

You need to verify that you are the person who needs to sign. The party for whom this needs to be signed has chosen SMS identification.

You will see the following screen:

After clicking "Send me the code by SMS," a code will be sent to your mobile number.

If you didn't receive an SMS message, there are a few steps you can take:

1.    Check if you have a good connection. Go outside or into another room in the building if necessary.

2.    Put your phone on airplane mode for 1 minute. Then turn it off again.

3.    Turn off the phone and turn it back on again.

4.    Still no SMS? Contact the sender of the signing request.

After verification, you can proceed with the process.