Adding tags to your document

Within Stiply, you can save extra time by using 'tags' in your files. These tags can be likened to keywords for the application. The application will replace the tags with the standard fields without requiring you to drag the fields onto the document. As a result, your document can be populated with just one click of a button.

There are several tags that can be used:

The "0" here represents the first signatory. If you want to create fields for multiple signatories using tags, you will need to increase the number to the next sequential number. Following "0," the next number would be "1" for the second signatory, "2" for the third signatory, and so on.

In addition, you can add a "_optional" after each of these possibilities to make that field not mandatory. The exception, of course, is the Signature field, which is always required. For instance, if you want to make the text field optional for the first signatory, you would write:

As mentioned above in the table, when using the Stiply API, a radio button can also be created in this manner. However, when using a radio button, one option from a group must always be selected. That's why a group also needs to be specified. An example of this could be "Gender." If you want to place a radio button for the options: male, female, other, you would need to use the following tag three times:


Allowing the Stiply App to fill in the tags.

To convert the tags in your document into fields within the Stiply Web App, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Upload a new document (this can be done using either button):

Step 2:

Enter the signatory's information and click on Next:


Step 3:

Next, you will arrive at the document editing screen, where you need to click on the button with two labels:

Step 4:

You will then see the following pop-up:

Here, you need to click on the "Add Fields" button.

 Step 5:

As you can see, all the tags are replaced with fields. Since the new release of Stiply (done on 25-1-2022), you can decide whether checkbox buttons are aligned to the right or left. This is an option within the account settings.


Step 6:

Have the document checked for any missing fields by clicking on "Save and Check."


Step 7:

Next, you can send the document by clicking on the "Send Sign Request" button.